Statistical Solutions

An Intelligent Statistical System for Cross-Border Trading

Unlock the power of our advanced statistical systems, aligned with international standards, to revolutionize cross-border e-commerce. Elevating decision-making with precise insights and ensuring compliance with global statistical norms for unparalleled success.


products we offer

Discover our range of innovative tools, designed to simplify
e-commerce products classification and meet your specific needs with ease.

Solo Classify

solo classify

Fast & Efficient classification solution for singluar or few shipments with the description of the item only.

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Bulk Classify

bulk classify

Upload your Excel file containing shipments' details and quickly obtain the correct HS Code for each item!

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API Classify

API classify

Seamlessly integrate powerful classification capabilities into your applications with API Classify.

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Image Classify

HSC Expert

Have a specific question?
Our customs experts are ready to help you with any HS Code questions.

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Expert Classify

Image classify

Using advanced computer vision tech to classify your shipments by simply taking a photo and obtaining the correct HS Code.

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More Soon!

more soon!

More on the way!
bNd team is working to provide more innovative solutions for you.

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We Offer Seamless Solutions Ensuring Accuracy and Success!

At bNd, we are dedicated to delivering seamless solutions that guarantee accuracy and drive success, with our expertise and commitment to excellence.

trust worthy

Decades of field experience you can rely on.

easy to reach

Flexible solutions designed to meet your needs.

worldwide services

No matter where you are, we can provide the correct HS Code for your country.

24/7 support

Always available support for your success.

Our vision
why choose us

Why our customers choose working with us

Our platform is dedicated to streamlining customs clearance processes, combatting tax evasion, and reducing operational expenses, all in alignment with the objectives of Vision 2030.

Fast Custom Clearance

The platform accelerates the clearance procedures for shipments, which satisfies both beneficiaries as well as stakeholders. and also contributes to improving the LPI (Logistics Performance Index), which is one of the goalsof Vision 2030.

Reducing Tax Evasion

The platform supports reducing tax evasion, which in turn contributes to the fight against corruption and increased transparency, and also contributes to increasing the state's non-oil revenue, which is one of the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Low Operation Cost

One of the goals of the platform is to increase the profits of shipping companies and customs clearance companies by reducing operating costs at customs ports by reducing human intervention operations.


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Avg. Accuracy


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pricing plans

affordable pricing plans

Choose from our range of flexible and cost-effective pricing plans tailored
to meet the needs of your shipments volumes.

Basic plan


per month
  • 1000 uses of Solo Classify
  • 5 uses of bulk Classify
  • 1 use of HSC Expert service

standerd plan


per month
  • 2500 uses of Solo Classify
  • 30 uses of bulk Classify
  • 10 uses of HSC Expert service
  • 0.35$ per API call

ultimate plan


per month
  • Unlimited use of Solo Classify
  • 500 uses of bulk Classify
  • 100 uses of HSC Expert service
  • 0.15$ per API call

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